The Forgotten Realms

Dread Ring Encounter 1, Two Large Spiders Encounter 2


Branwen tries to explain a dream she had to the the group as we make our way to the ship to set sail. Speaks of Yaffel and how Zastam sent the Wen-like assassin to kill Neverember. On the way we purchase various goodies, potions, etc. from the market. Once on the ship, the mage begins a spell of displacement to cloak our ship for the journey… see army… run into Demos… enter Dread Ring gate… talk our way out of slaying Sarah and assist in her escape… make way through excavation of the dracolitch… find Croscus in the Dread Spire chapel… details

Encounter 1 / Successfully make way through the Dread Ring

+800 each = 39,431 TOTAL XP

Talk to Croscus in the Chapel and find out that Valendra is enslaving his cult, which he doesn’t care for. He wants us to get Valendra’s falactory and either bring it to him or destroy it — our choice. Says he will pay us 30,000GP to bring it to him. Says she is at the Well of Dragons speaking to the dracolitch Largoth via spell. Also tells of mirror portal where we will likely find Valendra’s falactory, then leads us there. Valendra’s sanctum is wretched in squalor and insect carcasses. Lots of magic coming from the mirror. Ookla jumps through first… we see a 20 foot high building with bodies hanging from the walls and large earth mounds to either side of the entrance. Very murky atmosphere, which we determine is because we’re in the Shadowfell. Calvin senses magic on the bodies and when he approaches a symbol of Tempus glows on their bodies. He prays for guidance and the symbol glows brighter. Calvin decides to cut one body down to bury, but a spider swarm erupts from the skull.

Encounter 2 / Defeated 2 large spiders (Zarra x2) and the spider swarm ran away.

+760 each = 40,191 TOTAL XP



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