The Forgotten Realms

"Wen" Changeling Assassin Encounter 6


We find out that Valendria is at the Dread Ring. That ring is located on top of an ancient blue dragon corpse in the Neverwinter Wood. We’re also told that Valendria has help from the Cult of the Dragon, and that they’re attacking Neverwinter for corpses to power the Dread Ring. We need to get to the ring to stop Valendria before all hell is let loose. After intense negotiation, Favria agrees to defend the city if we retrieve the red staff from Valendria for her.

We then go to Neverember to tell him of the attack and need to get to the Ring. In the meeting with Neverember, General Sabine is present. Wen suprises us by showing up, but then attempts to dupe us with an attempt to kill Neverember. Sabine jumps in the way, but Wen makes it seem like Sabine tried to kill Neverember. We sense something is not right, and Zarra challenges Wen’s intelligence and determines Wen was full of crap and is an assassin.

Encounter 6 / Defeated “Wen” changeling assassin (Ookla), second assassin (Ookla), and 4 minions (Ookla, Zarra, Sithiss, Neverember)

FIND: 3,200GP (266GP each), 2 Rubies (500GP each)

+660 each = 37,831 TOTAL XP

General Sabine is afflicted by Black Lotus Poison and needs ritual. We start the ritual, but it lasts four hours. We leave and then return to check on General Sabine. Neverember is there and agrees to get us a ship for our journey to the Dread Ring and also employs a mage to make it a swift ship. That ritual takes two hours.

Skill Challenge / While the mage is maging, we convince Neverember to call for help from Waterdeep and succeed in the task.

+800 each = 38,631 TOTAL XP




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